Preview: NBA 2K13


Sports games aren’t for everyone, mainly due to the pre-ordained rule knowledge and intricacies these titles expect you have. I’ve been playing Basketball in parks for years and I still don’t get it all. NBA 2K13 says it’s going to fix all that. Find out how after the jump.


Here’s a little tease of my preview.

“Basketball games are a very personal experience. For some, each release is  the best time of year, the routine of playing is enhanced with the addition of  new teams, moves and features. These people know every player in the league,  what they can do and how best to use them. Others (like myself) have grown up  around the sport and are more interested in the occasional pick up game, having  little knowledge of teams or players of the current league. For those of us in  the latter group, NBA games have little interest as a yearly purchase because  the idea of upgrading the experience seems pointless. Thus the chances of  getting me into a store to buy this game are slim and my games are often played  over at someone else’s place.

Now that you have an idea of where I stand with these games, you can imagine  my surprise to find out that this year, NBA  2K13 is not trying to add more polish to its basketball fan dream game.  Instead, the plan is to rebuild the game from the ground up. The question  stands: Is this for better or worse?”

To read the rest of my in depth preview head on over to Player Attack by hitting the link here.

Kobe has the ball AGAIN!

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