Free Shit: Win one of ten signed copies of Redd Inc.


There’s nothing better than supporting your own and it makes me pleased as punch to be able to run a contest where (a) you get to check out an awesome Aussie horror flick and (b) I get to pay it forward for a close mate and a Hollywood make-up effects artist and legend.

Work can be bloody murder some days

Our good buddy and participant of the Borderlands 2 Child’s Play marathon (details here) Anthony O’Connor has spent the last few years toiling away at his olde typewriter knocking out one hell of a funny and scary horror script. The film is Redd Inc. and stars Bad Boy Bubby himself Nicholas Hope as a boss with a little time to kill. If that wasn’t enough to get the juices flowing special effects make-up artist Tom Savini came out of retirement to supervise all the glorious gore as seen in the picture above.

If you would like to win one of ten signed, yes you read correctly, SIGNED blu-ray copies of Redd Inc. by the demented dude who dreamed it all up, Anthony O’Connor, then here’s what you’ve got to do.

First of all you gots to “like” our Facebook page (found here). Yes, we know its a shameless plug but that’s simply how we roll. We want something from us, we’re getting something from you. Squid-bro-quo.

Secondly, in twenty five words or less think up an answer to

“Who would you kill to have as your boss and why?”

and throw it in the comments section of the competition post on our Facebook page found here.

Seems tough right? You’ve got two click to things and use the power of your brain to get the goodies.

As usual anything over 25 words will be immediately discounted as Josh and I can’t concentrate on anything longer than that. You may only enter once so use yer noggin and any answers that attack sex or race will be deleted.

The contest will run until Thursday 25th of October so you can have it by All Hallow’s Eve and scare the pants off all your mates.

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