Event: XCOM: Enemy Unknown launch


Event season continues as we take a spooky trip to the middle of nowhere celebrating 2K Game’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As usual madness ensues and we have it all on record (redacted of course). It’s now declassified so it’s safe to give you guys a peek.

Nothing to see here

Strange things are bound to happen when you put a bunch of Aussie games writers into a room together. When One 2 Another sent us an invite asking all to jump into a bus and ride out to a secret location we were sure that our partying had finally become too much for PR to handle… and they were never seen again. Still, far be it from us to turn down an opportunity to go out in style so Dave and I wandered down to Surry Hills to embark on our mission.

After snatching up our good mate Jiggsy  (looking ever so sexy dressed as an FBI agent) we met the rest of the crew outside the Little Darlin’ bar. Before we could ascertain if there was a bar tab to exploit, people with clipboards descended and began to shuffle us into minivans sending us off to our undisclosed location.

Loaded into vans and taken to an “unknown” location

Now worried for our own safety we noted the bus drivers silently drove these buses deep into the urban jungle and pulled up in front of a giant steel door in the middle of an industrial zone. Once unloaded from the transports we took a brief moment to reflect on our lives, held our breaths and headed in.

Dave stealths past security

Once inside our fears where put to rest as we were not greeted by black suits and gaffer tape but instead we were handed strangely coloured cocktails and hotdogs. A DJ was in the house shredding wax and the space was filled with UFO related paraphernalia. Chairs had even been doused in dry ice and the walls were adorned with photos of UFO sightings.

Rocking venue choice

As the game was being shared with community fans as well the consoles were usually busy. Taking into account that the game is far from appropriate party gaming rawDLC did what we do best…

Networking (also known as drinking).

After catching up with fellow gaming peeps I departed, but Dave flew the flag proud (and loud and drunkenly) until the event closed. Honestly I was sad to go. The event had bumping tunes, the venue was a perfect choice and we had barrels of fun.

Yet again One 2 Another proves itsPR skills are not to be trifled with, as everything went off without a hitch. We all left with a bag of swag and a little stagger in our steps.

For more XCOM related stuff stay tuned for Josh’s review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Hard at work

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