Weekend Discussion: Life saving tips


Games may be constantly evolving and changing, but at the core there are golden rules which apply to almost every title you play. Things like using explosive barrels to make enemies go boom, cooking grenades and head-shots. Let’s look at the best tips for staying alive.

Heads up!

1) Always reload
It’s simple I know but so many friends screw this one up. When you kill an enemy, reload. I hate watching people run into a firefight with five bullets in a clip. It never works, unless you’re best gamer ever and even then you could do a lot more with a full clip. Just sayin’.

Aim for the bullet sounds!

2) Use sound
I don’t understand how people can possibly play games with bad speakers. With such amazing sound design nowadays you’re truly missing out on a tactical advantage. Footsteps give away positions. Enemies yell commands to each other and gunfire tells you where to aim. Do yourself a favour and invest in a set of decent headphones.

Fire spells are cool, but do you need them now?

3) Save stats for later
In role-playing games most players will immediately level up. Sure, when you are at the start of a game this is kind of important, but if you don’t need to upgrade, save it for another time. Next time you need to talk your way out of something or are struggling with a particularly tough opponent, upgrade then.

Ok gang, your turn. What are some of the tricks of the trade that have made you a better gamer? Comment below!

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  • Bagmup

    Reloading after each kill in multiplayer FPS is a rookie mistake, so i can’t agree with you there…Also, it’s magazine, not clip.

  • DoGM3At

    I am a heavy ammo spender though. So whats your advice for people then?

  • Bagmup

    Aim better and use extended mags haha