Weekend Discussion: First-Person or Third-Person?


Some fights will never be resolved. Things like who would come out on top, Sonic or Mario, or which shooter franchise reins supreme. However, these conversations are always fun to indulge, so this week, let’s talk perspectives. Are you a first or third-person lover?

Boom baby!

After a considerable amount of thought I’ve decided I ‘m all about the first-person perspective. Sure, the third-person titles offer a different and unique way to play games creating a more cinematic experience but, for me, the point of gaming is to get completely sucked into a world. Nothing gives you that feeling like a first-person shooter.

Battlefield 3 is a prime example of this. Play it for a few hours and tell me your heart isn’t ready to explode out of your chest. I want to be completely immersed in the experience and will always opt for first-person if that option is available.

Ok gang, you’re up.

Which side of this fence are you on and why? Stick your comments below and let’s start a discussion!

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  • PSIress

    I don’t mind either first person or third person, except for when it comes to mp competitive modes.

  • The Chad

    First Person for immersion reasons, that said some games just do not work unless they are third person. Imagine Dark Souls or something of the like in first person.

  • stigbob

    I have just been having a very similar discussion on another games forum. Where I heard a very interesting theory on 1st and 3rd person perspective preference. Younger gamers tend to prefer 3rd person, as they are used to and comfortable with playing with action figures. Older gamers prefer 1st person as for them gaming is escapism from everyday life, as such they require an extra dimension of immersion. Please post your age and preference and we can debunk or verify this theory. I am happy to admit being an old fart who started gaming on a BBC Micro (Google it you whippersnappers), I like 1st person.