Weekend Discussion: Favourite gaming food


I have some hard yards planned for the weekend. After surviving the console Borderlands 2 experience it’s time to take it for a spin on PC and that means stocking up on snack food. I have my vices, what keeps your tank fueled up over the long gaming hauls?

My Choices:

As I get older the idea of a whole pizza gets less and less appealing. My stomach and soul can’t seem to hack it any more (I know, I’m soft). Needless to say my new energy food is Pods.


1) Pods (Preferably Mint slice or Snickers)

These wonderful morsels can get me through even the longest gaming sessions and can be found at almost any convenience store, and even better, usually on sale.

My stomach will hate me tomorrow

2) Coke (1.25L or GTFO)

Essential for any long stint. Red Bull gives you focus but Coke is more of a standard for me, which will probably effect my health in the long run.


3) Starbursts (ALL OF THEM)

There is something mildly addictive about Starbursts. No matter what flavour or type, once you have one you just can’t put them down.

WARNING: rawDLC does not advise you take any of these substances together. Josh and Dave are professional game players and have been building up a tolerance to junk food for years.

Now that that is out of the way, chuck a comment below and let’s start a discussion!

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  • The Chad

    Vanilla Coke and anything that’s sweet, bite sized and won’t make a mess.

  • PSIress


    I usually have mission nacho chips or soho chips. Twisties also make it into my basket sometimes.