Review: The Expendables 2 – Videogame


I didn’t have high (or any) expectations for this movie tie-in, but then again I never have. These games usually signify the quickest grab for cash possible. While the ads with Terry Crews certainly were entertaining enough, the end product doesn’t cut the mustard.

That’s gotta hurt!

The potential was there and a little more spit and poilsh could have made The Expendables 2 – Videogame a really fun arcade release especially considering the pure awesomeness of each character’s signature kills (pictured above), but shoddy development and poor shooting mechanics were the nail in the coffin for this bad boy.

“The main problem here is spotty hit recognition, aiming difficulties to get accurate shots off with the right thumbstick (on console) and a temperamental auto-lock. Throw in some weak weaponry (with you wondering if you’re actually doing any damage at all) and many times you find melee is the best and most reliable option. After spending significant time with each character I opted for Gunner or Caesar with Caesar’s auto-shotty best for crowd control and Gunner’s laser scoped sniping the most accurate for pesky rocket launcher dudes. You just don’t feel like you’re laying the serious smack down with the other characters, even with several weapon or heath upgrades.”

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Terry Crews was not at all pleased with Dave’s review

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