Preview: WWE ’13 hands-on


During my recent jaunt to the United States I spent one hell of a WWE themed weekend in Los Angeles. After having a hands-on with WWE ’13 I met a slew of current wrestlers, interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin and even got the VIP treatment at SummerSlam ’12.

What’s the deal Mike, can’t you count to three? Mike? Mike??

I had an amazingly good time with one of the highlights when Stone Cold Steve Austin took to the stage.

“The love for Stone Cold was something else as the living legend offered stories of his struggle from obscurity to superstar. He elaborated on the difficulties of finding a persona that was the right fit, his desire for more airtime and discussions to that effect with Vince McMahon in the parking lot after events. He also mentioned that this press conference was the first time Mike Tyson had actually gotten his name right, having called him “Cold Stone” for the entire duration of his time with D-Generation X.”

Would you like to know more? Check out my preview for GameArena in its entirety here…

’cause Stone Cold said so!

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