Interview: rawDLC pass to NBA 2K13’s Erick Boenisch


I love basketball. Because of this, I have tried to get into NBA games without success mainly due to a lack of accessibility. However NBA 2K13’s producer Erick Boenisch seems to think this latest version can win over even people like me. Check out what he has to say below.

Someone is about to get their ankles broke!

I want to say a big thanks to Erick Boenisch for his time and also to 2K Games for setting up the interview.

Click here for the interview:

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For those after some more infomation on this up coming sports epic don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast. On the show Dave graphically details his soul crushing win and takes every opportunity to gloat about his victory over me in our recent hands on… bastard.

If you’re after a piece of the above the rim action NBA 2K13 will be released locally here in Australia on October 2nd this year.

Those of you still not convinced take a moment to check out the extremely bad ass new trailer embedded below.


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