Event: Borderlands 2 marathon roster for this weekend


With only a few short hours to go before all hell breaks loose in this weekend’s Borderlands 2 gaming marathon for Child’s Play charity we thought we’d give you the skinny on who’s playing with who (giggedy!) and when over the course of the next forty or so hours.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our buddy Ashlee Adams couldn’t make it, but she will be playing Borderlands 2 via her webcam in sexy lingerie pushing punters our way to donate. CHeck out her Facebook page for the details here.

After you tune into www.rawdlc.com/live to get the live feed here’s a list of who to expect.



rawDLC – Dave Kozicki and Josh Philpott

The GAP – Joab Gilroy and Luke Lawrie



Horror film writer Anthony O’Connor                       

rawDLC – Dave Kozicki and Josh Philpott  

The GAP – Joab Gilroy and Luke Lawrie

AusGamers –Naren Hooson


Dusty Cartridge – Adam Guetti, Mark Ankucic, Chad D’Cruze and Chris Aprea


Gameplanet  – James Cullinane and Yug Blomberg


Geek Bomb – Maude Garrett and Rae Johnston


AusGamers –  Stephen Farrelly and Naren Hooson

Kotaku – Mark Serrels

Zoo – Lewis Astridge


rawDLC – Dave Kozicki and Josh Philpott

The GAP – Joab Gilroy and Luke Lawrie

Plus Jason Lyon, Anthony O’Connor and Mark Serrels



rawDLC – Dave and Josh

The GAP – Joab and Luke

Plus Jason Lyon and Anthony O’Connor

Expect surprise guests, competitions, a whole lot of trash talk, Joab stealing everyone’s loot and a hell of a lot of insanity.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!!


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