Event: Borderlands 2 marathon for Child’s Play charity


There are moments in time that define humanity.
Discovering fire, the wheel, walking on the moon, sliced bread…
Then an event of such magnitude makes all pale in comparison.
This is one such moment; big boys (and gals) playing with their toys for two days straight!!!

rawDLC in conjunction with 2K Games is proud to announce the Borderlands 2 Child’s Play charity event!

On Friday September 21, 6pm – a four-player co-operative marathon of Borderlands 2 will be live streamed in its entirety from start to finish at www.rawdlc.com/live direct from ‘Studio 33′.

The dynamic duo of rawDLC’s Josh Philpott and Dave Kozicki will be hosting the cream of Australian games industry including heavyweights and personalities from Gameplanet, GameArena, AusGamers, Kotaku and Geek Bomb.

Confirmed attendees include Ashlee Adams, avid gamer and current Australian Penthouse Pet of the Year (no, really). Industry personality Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg and Editor-in-chief James Cullinane from Gameplanet, GameArena’s opinionated editor, Joab Gilroy. AusGamers’ editor Stephen Farrelly, Kotaku frontman Mark Serrels, the glamorous twosome from Geek Bomb, Maude Garrett and Rae Johnston. Anthony O’Connor, FilmInk reviewer and writer of Australian horror film Redd Inc. and many more surprise guests to be announced.

There will be giveaways, prizes and competitions, as well as a live chatroom for the 30-40 hour duration with every cent accrued donated to Child’s Play via a PayPal donation button on the live streaming page.

rawDLC is proud to be presenting an event of this caliber and relishes the opportunity to give something back to those who need it most. It goes without saying that an opportunity to hang with mates and smash-out one of the most anticipated gaming titles of 2012, well, it’s just icing on the cake.

Don’t take our word for it, we’ll let our good buddy Randy Pitchford hype up this amazing event in the embedded video below, and we hope you’ll join us online on the 21st of September.

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