Weekend Discussion: Gaming Soundtracks


Remember the days when backing tracks were nothing more than a two minute 8-bit loop? Soundtracks sure have come a long way with music an integral part of the games we play. Pace and story owe a lot to atmospheric beats, so lets give props to some memorable pieces of gaming music.

Primus, Goldfinger, Dead Kennedys. All win

1) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Though Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 boasts arguably the better soundtrack, the first one’s was far more memorable. All the tracks were great and the line up was perfect for long sessions of board work.

Spacey goodness

2) Mass Effect 2

I’m not usually the kind of guy who buys the soundtrack to a video game, but the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack is truly inspired. It has a great Blade Runner feel to it .

This soundtrack was literally like taking an iPod with you… well Josh’s iPod

3) Amped 2

Not all the tracks on this one were great but when your song listing is clocking in at around the 300 mark, I am OK with giving it a bit of a break. Lots of variety and a skip track button made this soundtrack kick ass.

OK gang, your turn.

Scroll down to the comments field below and toss in your two cents. Lets start a discussion!

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  • Bagmup

    Without a doubt…Brutal Legend, no others need apply.

  • PSIress

    Journey and ssx 3 for me. I’ll probably be back to add more games to that list.

  • Northy179

    Guitar Hero
    Halo 2
    Starcraft 2 (even if all they did was mash starcraft 1’s soundtrack and firefly’s soundtrack together)

    That’s all I can think of, the Tony Hawk soundtrack was very iconic though.

  • The Chad

    Metal Gear Solid (any of them) soundtracks are usually pretty awesome.
    Alan Wake is also quite good.
    It’s creepy and a little strange, but the soundtrack for The Binding of Isaac is awesome too.

    I’m certain there are more that are yet to be mentioned, but I can’t think of ’em right now.

    Also, I thoroughly agree with the addition of the THPS soundtracks. They managed introduced me to new and exciting music along with complementing the awesomeness of the games.

  • kozeeii

    Journey, Journey, Journey and Journey. Skyrim also deserves a mention for its hauntingly aching score.