Weekend Discussion: Favorite world design


It’s a nice era of gaming we live in. Putting aside lucrative money grabbing and sequel pushing, developers pushing to make something new and interesting. A large part are the expansive world’s themselves. It’s time to give it up for the most interesting designs around!

Pretty… in a broken kind of way

My pick is Dark Souls. Sure, there are better looking games out there but Dark Souls has one of the most interesting world designs I have ever seen. Just like David Fincher (Se7en) does for films, the team has spent a lot of time making everything dirty and broken. Smashed cities, old forgotten churches and evil forests are just some of the amazing locations you get to explore in this game. Few games have captured the sense of desperation and decay as Dark Souls has.

Kinda homey, I guess

So dudes and dudettes what are you favourite gaming worlds?

Have a think and thrown down a comment below!

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  • Geinophile


    Also, comparing Dark Souls to Fincher? That’s a paddlin’

  • DoGM3At

    Just in the way that they both love to be gritty. Nothing more :)