Weekend Discussion: Best finishing moves


Games can be violent. Some show the realistic and horrifying consequences of war. Others show its effects on a person’s psyche. One thing most share are the spectacular over-the-top coup de grâces. So this weekend let’s give it up for the good old fashion finishing move!

1) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragon finisher

This is one of the coolest finishers I have ever seen. After wailing on a dragon for a few minutes I decided to get up close and personal with a dagger. Using a heavy attack I triggered a cut scene where my character climbed onto the dragons head and sunk the dagger into its eyeball. Cool stuff.

Dragon dentistry was a crap job

2) Alien vs Predator – Predator finisher

Though I do like the POV mouth attack the Alien has, the predator graphically rips the head off its victim with the spine still attached! Trust me, you wont forget it once you’ve seen it.

Wait, I was joking about the pussy face thing!

3) Mortal Kombat 9 – Lao Kang fatality

I struggled to find a higher resolution image for this one, but this is one of my favourite finishing moves of all time. Lao Kang grabs his hat (with its blade tip) spins it along the ground like a saw blade and then drags his opponent and pulls them through it. Truly messed up.


Alright gang, time to fess up. Let’s talk about our favorite kill moves!

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  • kozeeii

    Gears of War chainsaw execution is hard to go past, or the curb-stomp, though I do love the locust move where they rip a COG’s arm off and beat him to death with it.

  • Snake

    My fav is a special move out of battlefield bad company 2. Although you usually only seen it when Dave plays. But I’ve been on the receiving end of “The McConaughey” serveral times. Lol

  • DoGM3At

    Good times. We need to do a retro Battlefield 2 night with the crew. That would be so much fun.

  • Northy179

    The “Lionheart” move from FF8, it took so friggin long to get all the components to upgrade your weapon to the point it was able to perform the move but completely worth it for the damage and wow factor.