Weekend Discussion: Best Easter Eggs in gaming


Ever been in an exploring mood and found something that you didn’t expect to see? Many games throughout history have done this, Mario64, Duke Nukem 3D, GTA: Vice city are just a few. The term is called an Easter Egg. What are some of the best ones you’ve seen?

Found you!

1) Quake 2 – Dopefish

If you didn’t get into early PC titles you probably don’t know this delightful little chap. Originally in the Commander Keen games, you can imagine my surprise to find this image of the Dopefish in Quake II. This guy has popped up in over 40 games, so keep your eye out, you never know when you may stumble across him!

Aww. No Queen.

2) Left 4 Dead 2 – Portal song on jukebox

On the map Bienville Parish players can go to the jukebox and press ‘use’ to change tracks. Change it a few times and you stumble upon “Still Alive” the credits track from Portal.


3)  GTA IV – Heart of the city

For those that haven’t tried it, if you can get up to the southern door of the Statue of Happiness marked “No hidden content here” (you will need a helicopter) inside you will find a giant beating heart. Its worth a look, I promise.

Ok gang, your turn. Hit us with the best hidden things you have stumbled on!

Chuck your comments below.


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  • Sidawg

    The rooms in Rage that are based on previous id games are pretty cool. 

  • Bagmup

    A couple i can think of now, as i’m replaying MGS4… When Otacon tells you it’s time to switch discs when you’re on Shadow Moses and if you use the NVG’s in Otacons lab while you’re there you can still see the frozen pee stain from the first time Snake met Otacon when Frank Jaeger appears. So many easter eggs in the Metal Gear universe.

  • bigpav53

    Hitting 88mph in a Delorean in Driver SF and it shoots u back in time to the original Driver test

  • Northy179

    “The Megg” from Halo 1, very simple yet the story behind it was pretty cool, best tribute to a partner ever

  • PSIress

    Metal gear solid – when Psycho Mantis reads your mind by scanning your memory card for Konami save games and making comments on your games.


    GTA San Andreas, atop of Gant Bridge there was a sign that read “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.”