Weekend Discussion: Best combat in gaming


Be it guns, fists or blades, games very often live or die on whether or not the combat works. After playing a ludicrous number of hours of Sleeping Dogs, combat has been in the forefront of my mind. Which games stick with you because of their approach to combat?

Time to make locust gumbo!

1) Gears of War 

Lets face it, not much can stand up to the pure brutality and simplicity of the Gears system. The game almost perfected the idea of the third person shooter.

Get over here!

2) Bulletstorm

Though not the most perfect game in its own right, its combat was wicked. Apart from the sliding, lasso and bullet curving skills, it should gain recognition for utilising really outside of the box techniques. The skill kills rarely get old.

Hmm, you look like a good warm up!

3) Infamous

Not many games can pull off super hero combat like the Infamous franchise. Quick, organic and fluid; Cole always felt like a man with a lot of power under the hood. A truly great balance between hand-to-hand and shooting.

Ok gang, your turn. What games capture combat really well? Chuck in your choices down below.

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  • The Chad

    I’m a little surprised Arkham City wasn’t mentioned, but I guess that would have been an obvious choice.

    Also Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Each for their own reasons.

  • DeadMeat44

    Def Jam – Fight for New York – had a great combat system, lots of moves that used the surroundings – example slamming peoples heads in car doors and concrete walls. Must have had the best range of super moves, with the best as grabbing the guy by the hands and the feet and skipping with him or turning him upside down and grabbing his feet, putting your feet unde his arms and riding him like a pogo stick. Dead Space aslo had a unique way of combat with slicing your enemies to pieces. Chronicles of Riddick – both of them had a great first person fist fighting system. Smacking the crap outta people was truly satisfying. There are many others with varying degrees of cool stuff – Elders Scrolls: fps sword, bow and shield, Dragonball Z franchise: 3d airial combat and super moves, God of War: brutal 3rd person combat, Borderlands: great weapons and grenade selection.