TV Show: Spec Ops: The Line review


Military based shooters aren’t exactly a new thing, but dealing with the stark realities of war is. Spec Ops: The Line makes a bold statement on the evil men inflict on one another and the tragic toll it can inflict on a soldier’s psyche as they take responsibility for their actions.

A brutally jaw-dropping moment

The lads from rawDLC take a frank look at this Hearts of Darkness styled shooter. While it does have some gameplay issues the handling of the story left a lasting impression on both Josh and Dave. Yager Development should be commended for taking a chance and delving deeper, beyond the surface. Spec Ops: The Line stays with you long after the credits have rolled causing even the most cavalier of gamers to sit back and ponder the decisions they’ve made and reflect upon the often horrifying consequences.

Innocent casualties – one of the gruesome horrors of war

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