Weekend Discussion: Ode to the Sniper Rifle


When you’ve played a lot of shooters, it’s natural to have an affection for certain tools of the trade. As my FPS proficiency grew I learned the art of the sniper rifle and liked it. So this weekend we are going to give it up for the sniper rifle. What’s your weapon of choice? 

Are you turned on by this picture? You should be

Dave will probably hate me for saying this but my perfect sniper rifle is the SRS99C-S2 AM from Halo. Not only has it got enough power to put down almost anything with a well placed shot, but it also has a huge scope, and an ammo counter right next to the cross-hair. Halo players will know that many a sticky situation can be resolved with a clip or two from this awesome weapon.

For the record, the AWP/AWM from Counterstrike comes in a very close second.

Ok dudes and dudettes, time to add your two cents. What scoped wonder works best for you?

Chuck in a comment and let’s start a discussion!


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  • kozeeii

    Fucking Saiga from Bad Company 2 all the way baby. I raped with that bad boy and as far as sniping goes, I used the old Gustav rocket launcher as a sniper rifle and had impressive results.

  • Bagmup


  • Northy179

    The halo Sniper Rifle was pretty sweet and has some fun memories.

    Coolest game weapon would have to be “Frostmourne” from the warcraft franchise, however you never get to use it so it doesn’t really count.

    The sticky remote mines lead to a lot of fun in FEAR. I remember wallpapering a player with as many remote sticky mines as possible, then getting them to run in to enemy territory where their flag was kept then hit the button for a triple kill.

  • DeadMeat44

    Curving bullets with the sniper rifle in bulletstorm was a blast. The snipers in borderlands have to be the best advanced snipers i’ve seen, 6 to 20 bullets in the clip, semi and full auto with elemental damage, how can you beat that. For those who have played that game alot the GGNS lvl68 Fearsome volcano was a brutal gun and one of the snipers (i cant remember its name) unsighted shot one bullet but when sighted automatic 5 round bursts, now thats what you use when you absolutly positivly have to kill something. I played a mod on cod4 that allowed you to use that sniper from the main game with the camo and foliage hanging from it in multiplayer, it was awesome because it was silenced. My favourite sniper and game was COD WAW, Kar98 or the Mosin-Nagant without a sight, SO SO good, i wish more games had sniper rifles without scopes. I hte the time it takes the scope to sight, with WAW it was just click and die.

  • DoGM3At

    I would like to add the Barrett 50. Cal to my list. Pick any game you want, they all do it justice. We used it in World War one on planes, now we use it on people (which is macabre really). Games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 used it well.