Weekend Disscussion: Favourite levels in gaming


This week I have put a lot of time into Spec Ops: The Line (podcast here) and one thing that has blown me away is the level design in some sections. Being the weekend, I had to give it up for the best in the biz. What are some of your favourite levels in gaming?

This doctor brings into play his idea of extreme methods

I chose three:

Psychonauts – Milla’s Dance Party

What an awesome idea!

Your character has just unlocked the ability to float on a ball. What better way to play with it than in a giant dance party skate park!

Gears of War 3 – Inside worm

Ever wondered what the insides of a giant killer worm would look like?

Well, this is about as vivid a chance as you can get, bloody, fast paced and dangerous. This is a great example of clever level design.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Scarecrow Dream

If you haven’t played this game, just go do it. Now.

This section is trippy, heavy and a complete mind fuck. This was the highlight of the whole game for me.

There’s some food for thought. Now its your turn! Chuck in your favourites below…

“…And I thought they smelt bad on the outside!”

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  • Northy179

    1) Starcraft – The Hunters – Simplicity that just works, by far the best multi-player map which released with the game

    2) The level shown in the first Halo 2 gameplay video at E3, it was the best level in the game and it never made it in the game, everyone was mad and rightfully so, false advertising.

    3) Unreal Tournament – Facing Worlds – One of my favourite CTF maps of all time.

    4) Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear – I don’t even remember the name of the level… it was like the 5th or 6th level and you had to do it completely stealthily, it was hard as hell but that’s what made it fun, great level design, everything had to be done exactly right.

    5) League of Legends – Summoners Rift – Any level which doesn’t change but somehow manages to have massive replay value is awesome.

  • DeadMeat44

    Hmm thats a good question.

    1. I thought alot of the level design in PREY was very trippy, walking into portal boxes (or whatever the hell they were)and coming out into a completely different area was cool, also walkways that allowed you to go up walls and across the roof.
    2.  Dead Space zero g levels were always different and changed the dynamic of the battle.
    3. Fallout 3, just having a fricking big ass city to roam around in and buildings to search and scavenge. 1st playthrough was incredible, excellent detail.
    4. Seelow in COD WAW, finally a bloody stage suited for snipers, there were 2 others but i dont remember thier names.
    5. Obviously portal had great level design but that was a given since that was all it was.
    6. Borderlands, because its just awesome. All of it. Period.

  • DeadMeat44

     Unreal Tourney oh yeah, was facing worlds the 2 big pyramids/or towers on a planet in space? If so that was cool. I dont recall the Halo level you are talking about but i would be interested in seeing it. Are there any vids around?

  • The Chad

    Northy, I so agree with Facing Worlds, I can’t count the amount of times I have loaded up UT just to play that map against bots. I have a favourite Rainbow Six level too. It is Oil Refinery, I think it originated in Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, but it was also remade in R6: Vegas 2, that made me so happy.

    Despite being not an amazing game, the level design in Crysis 2 was
    pretty excellent in general. I remember frequently stopping just to look
    at the pretties.

    I’m not sure if it’s just nostalgia but the first level of Duke 3D “Hollywood Holocaust” (badass name) really shines for me. Also fresh out of nostaliga are the Heliport area of Metal Gear Solid and Liberty Island from the original Deus Ex.

    There are others I have missed, I’m certain of it, but these are the only ones that come to mind without much thought and searching through all of my old games.