Weekend Disscussion: Comic books that should be games


 With Comic-Con in full swing and the world going crazy over recent comic heroes who are being ported to games (Dead Pool, Hit Monkey), what better time to have a chat about awesome comic book heroes/villians that we would like to see thrown into the mix!

John Constantine. Model Citizen.

 Ok, so naturally I aim for the weirdest option out there, HellBlazer. I don’t see a conventional title ever really coming out for this one, but in my perfect world this game could be really unique.

The concept is an LA Noire style RPG adventure game where you are hunting hell’s minions and sending them back home. You have an arsenal of ways to deal with the undead, however knowledge must be obtained on how to deal with each foe you face, this is obtained through some good old fashion detective work. Once you have done research and found the clues, John must set traps and lure enemies to their doom.

Ok gang, your turn. Give me your best ideas below!

What are you looking at?

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  • The Chad

    With all of the excellent physics tech out there, I would very much like to see a Magneto game. I imagine it would be an action/adventure, kinda dark in theme. The story would be something about recruiting mutants for a war on humanity, blah blah mutants are superior and whatever (please note that I have spend about a minute thinking about the story, hopefully if a Magneto game is made more time is spent on it than that). The game would truly shine in the ability to interact with everything made of metal. Think of how the force worked in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, except maybe a little more interactive (make shapes out of metal things to solve puzzles??? Rip apart metal objects and use them as your weapons). This game would probably be ideal in third person as with pretty much every other game of the like. The game would probably be in an open world environment too.

    I’m going to stop rambling and make the point, an action/adventure game in which you can manipulate metal at will.

  • DeadMeat44

    I think maybe the comic “The Maxx” might be an interesting idea for a game. Half in, half out of a dream world where you don’t know which world is real. Hunting enemies and defending your jungle princess in a bizarre jungle world fighting a crazy magician with an army of wierd little critters. Skipping into what seems the real world but then the worlds start to blend till your not quite sure. It was a trippy comic series back in the day and the old MTV had a awesome animated series.