Weekend Discussion: Your favourite phone game


Since Nokia first released Snake back in the day, I’ve longed for the ability to carry quality games on my phone. Now, due to the amount of hate I spit at the larger section of mobile gaming, I thought it might be nice to talk about some of the better phone games.

Simple, smooth and super engrossing

For me the most surprising game on android was Majesty.

RTS has always been done badly on mobile devices. Most of these games feel slow and awkward even with the use of the multi-touch controls. Majesty is an exception. This game is almost a straight port from the PC original and has a great new twist on the RTS style.

In Majesty you don’t control your units, you level them up by sending them into battle for cash. Mark an area, load it with a bounty and the posse begins to mount.

For those that have an android device, the game retails for 99c. Get it… NOW.

Ok guys, you’re up. What are your favourite phone games?

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  • White_oleander

    Android sucks. Post about iPhone games. There is more range and ARE better :D

  • Northy179

    Anything by “Kairosoft”, the company best known for ‘Game Dev Story’, all their titles are brilliant and dangerously addictive. Also, kudos to them for not over monetizing their work, you pay a reasonable price and then never experience any further advertising or in-app purchases.
    90% of the games on iOS are trash or use a trash payment model but you find a few gems. Really wish more games would support iControlPad right now…. i hate that I’m contemplating jailbreaking one of my devices so I can map controls to any game. THPS2 could have been really epic on iphone if it supported better controls and reverts.

  • DoGM3At

    Feel free to put in your own pick dude. But I do have an iOS device. Check out Dungeon Raid, Cubemen or Crimson Pirates. All good games.

  • DoGM3At

    Dude I was so disappointed when I played Tony Hawks 2 on my iPhone. It just didn’t work without control. As for Karisoft games, I’m right with you. I have brought all of them up to this point, a few are duds but as a whole there is always entertainment. Have you tried Dungeon Raid?

  • DeadMeat44

    I havent played all that much on my ipod but Dungeon Hunter 2 was addictive, nice graphics, decent level and enemy structure. I am a borderlands and diablo fan, love me some loot games so this was right up my alley. Then they screwed it up with dungeon hunter 3 by making it that in-app purchase crap!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID. I would rather pay for a app and be able to play it then have to constantly buy crap just to make the game enhoyable to play. BAD idea Gameloft. Also grand theft auto 3 is fairly good, street fighter 4 isnt bad, you just gotta have little thumbs to do the moves HA. Great Solitarire is very addictive, Zen Pinball is quite good, The Simpsons is good for a old style 2d side scroller, Eternal Legacy is a final fantasy clone which keeps you playing for a few hours. Also Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior is cool if you’re into Bruce Lee. 

  • Northy179

    Yeah Dungeon Raid is fun, after the first month of playing it in spare time though it’s hard to continue playing it. There is only so long I can tolerate mind puzzles before I need something with a bit more ‘kick’.

    A game you might like is “The Hacker”, it’s really just a series of mini-games but done in an interesting way and with an interesting storyline. It’s not the prettiest game but definitely stylised well.

  • DoGM3At

    had forgotten the Simpsons game! I loved that. have you tried Max Payne or Dead Space? Both are bad ass.

  • DoGM3At

    Ill download it tonight. Still wanna try your game too, might be the perfect place to pimp it out :) Will give you a run down when I do. Have you tried Crimson Steam Pirates? Its a bungee collaboration game. The first chapter is free.

  • Northy179

    Yeah for sure, latest patch is currently in review and should be out soon as well. Let me know if the promo codes I sent have expired.

    Downloaded Crimson Steam Pirates, I will check it out soon. Cheers.

  • bigpav53

    I am digging Backstab on my xperia play, other games I have liked are GTAIII, Max Payne, Rainbow 6: Shadow Vanguard and Starfront.

  • Bagmup

    Dammit, i came here to comment then got hipster stuck to the bottom of my shoe…

  • The Chad

     The games I have enjoyed the most thus far are the ones that have been ported or remade from pre-existing games. Examples being Minesweeper, Solitaire. Plants Vs Zombies and World of Goo.

  • Northy179

    Competition is a healthy thing, the iPhone would be years behind where it is now if Android never came around, no competition means they can take their time, charge what they want and limit functionality.

    However, competition can be damaging if taken the wrong way… which is why xbox and playstation keep making all the wrong decisions…

  • DeadMeat44

    I got Dead Space, damn good for a phone game :)