Weekend Discussion: Prized gaming possessions


Every self confessed geek has some item in their collection that they are incredibly proud of. For some it is a rare game found in a bargain bin. For others it is a collectable item you know no-one else has. Well it’s show and tell time. What have you got?

Thanks for the memories

In my case I have hand-picked five.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Best Street Fighter EVER!

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – Still fun even now.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes – Metal Gear Solid with a better engine?  Yes please!

Jet Set Radio Future – Stylized and sexy with a killer soundtrack.

Def Jam: Fight for NY – Because it’s amazing.

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  • The Chad

     The only big one that comes to mind for me is my original copy of Metal Gear Solid. I have gotten rid of all of my other PS1 games over the years, but I just can’t ever bring myself to get rid of MGS1. I go back an play it every few years too. It sits proudly among my newer and shinier games. Like a boss.

  • bigpav53

    Freedom Fighters on PS2 is my favourite gaming possession. It is one of my fave all time games. Also still have a snes with mariocart.

  • bigpav53

    And Zelda a link to the past on snes, not a fan but it’s worth a few bucks

  • DeadMeat44

     DUDE!!! You know ive listened to you guys for quite a while, i dont really have much time to write much, but after reading your fav game list man, i give you MUCH kudos. I already gave you credit but now even more so. Alpha 3 was probably the most fluid of the street fighters, there wasnt another one where you could combo and juggle so fluidly. Akuma and Shin Akuma were my fav characters. Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver – awesome in all aspects, changing from living world to dead world and watching the world bend was great, and as you said still great to play. I never had a cube or got into MGS. Jet set radio was sweet, the cell shading great but the actual game was spectacular, great skating, tagging ect. Now i dont know many people that played Def Jam FFNY but i played the crap out of this game! I must have made at least 20-30 custom characters and then maxed them out, great graphics for its time, solid fighting system but my favourite part was being able to combine 3 fighting styles to get a sorta unique one. Very solid game and ramming someones head into a car door never gets old in that game, also slow mo finisher moves that were BRUTAL. Great choices man. Other ones that hold dear in my memory are Zelda-Ocarina of time, by the time you were finished you felt you had played such an epic saga in links life. Guardian Heroes on Sega Saturn, OMG 3 player, side scrolling, street fighter style moves, mutliple game paths and endings, plus versus with all the in game characters, bosses and enemies. Insane game truly epic. And i have to mention Goldeneye and Perfect Dark – redefined FPS for me, dual guns, co-op and counter op, 3 levels of difficulty, bots in PD. No gamer of that time could have asked for more.

  • DoGM3At

    It is seriously so good to hear some love for good games man. Golden Eye is a game I have pumped about 2 years of my life into. I still remember the amazing effort we would go to to organize 4 player weekends of that game, people would get mates to ask friends to borrow controllers, some would get rented from the video store… Madness! Perfect dark was the same.
    Zelda is a winner too, but my hat goes off to you for Guardian Heroes… THAT is something I would be proud to own. 

    In an age where we all just wait till the HD remake is out and then say we played it all the time, its nice to see someone holding on to rare gold. Thanks for the kind words!