Weekend Discussion: Favourite co-op game


Ahh friends. Where would you be without that faithful co-op partner? That guy who has seen the closing credits of oh so many games with you. When done right it can deliver some of the most enjoyable gaming there is. What is your favourite co-op experience?

Shit just got real!

For me the game that sells co-op better than most is Resident Evil 5. Sure, there are a lot of problems (like not being able to move and shoot) but the game feels like co-op was intergrated from the start. The levels and boss fights all lean towards having a companion, while trading ammo and helping each other up after being swarmed makes for a truly cooperative experience. Add to this Mercenary mode, where you are on a clock to defeat as many enemies as you can and you can easily spend a whole weekend playing this game without getting bored.

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  • Northy179

    This is a big question

    Diablo 3 has offered some pretty good MP experiences, even though I haven’t come across too many team elements or times when people are actually encouraged to use team elements

    In the past, On 360:
    Halo 3 was the first FPS game on 360 to offer 4 player co-op online and it was fantastic, an amazing experience regardless of how bad parts of the game were.
    Gears of War offered a more strategic co-op experience and also more challenging, I loved it for this, you weren’t just running in to a slightly harder environment but actually using team tactics.The atmosphere and clever level design just made it perfect
    Army of Two…. I like what this game tried to be, I had some fun with its short lived life. The mechanics of dragging a fallen team mate to cover, while shooting enemies, then healing them, was awesome.

  • DeadMeat44

    Borderlands rules all. Nuff said

  • DeadMeat44

    Ok to elaborate on my previous entry to those who dont know borderlands and if you dont shame on you. 4 player co-op with vehicles. Not only is having more players in game together allow you better chances at getting more loot and harder enemies but each class has specific class mods that can enhance the whole team. Got a gun that sprays in too big of a zone, the hunter class can increase the accuracy of the team. Bezerker helps the team for more health, the soldier can make everyone regenerate ammo just to name a few. 4 player co op main game and expansions, great comic style graphics, a bazillion guns, great in game humour and enemies. This should have been the game of the year.