Weekend Discussion: E3 – What do you want to see?


 With E3 less than a week away it’s time to start thinking about what’s on the cards for the biggest gaming event of 2012. What will we see? New consoles? New IPs? More sequels? The veil will soon be lifted so lets get musing after the jump!

The air is ripe with virgin sweat

As unlikely as it may seem I want to see new consoles announced. Now, let me be clear. I want the announcements, not dates. E3 is supposed to be a look at what is coming up. Anyone who thinks they’ll see them in the next year is getting to far ahead of themselves, but this doesn’t mean there won’y be a tease, a glimpse or a glance. PS4 or an Xbox720 could  be crazy and that kind of thing is why we all stay glued to the E3 live streams, right?

So what about you guys? What do you want to see at this year’s conference?

Chuck your ideas in the comments below and lets kick off the discussion!

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  • Bagmup

    Dave dancing naked on the main stage, failing that some decent 360 IP’s

  • Northy179

    I’d like to see E3 go back to the old days where small indie developers you never heard of come to get noticed as opposed to the big company dominated show with nothing but sequels which have already beaten the dead horse to dust. If I see another Assassin’s Creed or GoW (both interpretations of the GoW acronym) then I will scream.

  • DoGM3At

    It is a sad state of affairs when you know there is little to no chance of new content. Its even sadder that we cant find even a few new IPs in amongst the hundreds of sequels out there. Honestly man, I’m frustrated there is no support from the power houses for new ideas. Is the games industry really that far gone that commercialism has destroyed the excitement in these events? Companies are announcing the titles we will see now, a week before the event!

  • Snake

    Since everything else is jumping on the MMO bandwagon I think the next one will be COD the MMO

  • Kalisynth

    I would like to see something, even a little something that actually was a surprise.

  • Kalisynth

    I would like to see something, even a little something that actually was a surprise.