Weekend Discussion: E3 – What floats your boat?


Well, another E3 has been and gone with many gamers perhaps feeling just a little let down by this year’s showing. Yet even the dullest E3 still has some pockets of gold just waiting to be mined. It’s time to spill. What were your picks for the hottest games of E3?

Watch Dogs [Ubisoft]

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

If you haven’t seen this video, shame on you. This is one of the best games from E3 this year.

Unique and stunning this gameplay trailer shows off everything you need to know.

Tomb Raider [Crystal Dynamics]

The troops learned quickly not to make fun of Lara's bow

Tough, realistic and brutal with an awesomely strong demo live from the Microsoft stage. This footage makes me really excited.

The Last of Us [Naughty Dog]

Ellen Page is gaming this year

AI is not something I would usually give games credit for. However, The Last of Us seems to have some truly amazing things to show off. This is the Naughty Dog I know and love!

Splinter Cell Blacklist [Ubisoft]

One more time, did you take the milk from the fridge?

This one surprised me. The new engine looks incredible and the gameplay is much faster and more visceral than we have seen before. Also, special kudos for the silky smooth control system.

Ok guys, those are my picks. Did you like my selection or do you have other titles that should have made the cut?

Chuck a comment below and lets start a discussion!

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  • Kalisynth

    for me, Watch Dogs and Sim City looked really good.

  • Bagmup

    Came here expecting porn….left disappointed