Weekend Discussion: Best DLC ever


Downloadable content has evolved a lot over years just like the games they are attached to, but how often do we stop and look at the best content for our favorite titles? Well it’s that time of the week and now is a good chance to show some downloadable love.

Bats, everywhere!

As far as adding content to a game, nothing has come close to the awesome DLC for Oblivion, The Shivering Isles. It boasts over 20 hours of extra content spread across two different worlds; Mania, a world of crazy mind altering strangeness and Dementia, a little darker and substantially more violent. The content proved there was a lot of room to move with and slickly expanded the universe and it is still one of the most impressive expansions I have ever played.

Stop! Or I’ll smack you with my Stick of Smiting!

So gang, what are some of your favorite DLC purchases ever?

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  • Northy179

    Horse Armour!

  • Olga Andreev

    completely agree! Shivering Isles was better than Oblivion itself. Sheogorath’s gotta be one of the best characters ever.

  • DoGM3At

    LOL, THATS your pick? Man, you are easy to please!

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah, Bethesda are still on of the best DLC providers out there.

  • Olga Andreev

     I’m hanging out for Dawnguard! So far, heard only good things.

  • The Chad

    The Shivering Isles was incredible, it was a complete change from everything oblivion offered.

    I was also a big fan of the Borderlands expansions. First was Zombies, then arena combat, a full blown story expansion and finally robots. It was an awesome way to add significantly more play time onto an already badass game.

  • Northy179

    Well, the only DLC I can think of is from the early era when it was a new thing (So shivering isles is up there on my list too) but in recent times games have become so augmented with online features and content that I don’t really think of it as DLC anymore…. 

    Also we are in the era of microtransactions so DLC is losing every bit of appeal it used to have. Instead of buying an awesome expansion like shivering isles for 800 msp you’re given it in 20 parts for 50 msp each part.

    By 2020 gaming will be reduced to a social experience with inbuilt gambling which isn’t actually called gambling because you don’t win money, you just win game progression and the opportunity to award some of this ingame currency to friends as encouragement to keep everyone playing…. when it happens, I fucking called it. 

  • DoGM3At

    Ha! Nice rant Northy, feel better?

  • Glenn

    Overlord DLC for Mass Effect, that Geth mission was crazy!

  • DocboyAus

    Most of the New Vegas addons where great. Dead Money was the best!

  • DeadMeat44

     Borderlands DlC was worth it, like he said Zombies was killer fun, Moxxi’s arena so-so, needed better drops and experience, Knoxx is the best, level cap increase, more weapons ect, and Robo revolution finished it off nicely. At least you could get 4-10 hours out of most of the expansions, not to mention replay value of a loot game. But yer, Borderlands was good for DLC. Can’t wait for Borderlands 2, i got me a Ultimate Loot chest pre order (as you can tell i’m a big fan) Borderlands 2 is going to swallow the next good part of my life.

  • Yopizza

    I liked the expansion /DLC of when my dick goes from 9mm to 12 mm ….er kilometers ,I footling !

    Um now seeing its Sunday,in v8supercars you could pay 800 pnts and it would open every thing

    Even fucking lawn mower racing .

    The other fucker was the DLC for Midnight Club by Rockstar. The game is still available with the two dl

    In it.