Show: Starhawk video review


There’s a certain level of excitement for rawDLC when it comes to Starhawk. Maybe it’s Dave’s fondness its predecessor or Josh’s love of the RTS elements. Whatever the reason the lads called down a video drop from the USS Studio 33 to break down the game for you.

Err... a little help?

Not on everyone’s radar much like Warhawk, its spiritual successor Starhawk offers a completely different style of third-person combat in the multiplayer arena quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before making a big winner in rawDLC’s book.

To get the skinny check out the full video review embedded below.

C'mon Han buddy, don't let me down

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  • Davo

    that is an awesome shirt Dave

  • kozeeii

    Thanks dude. I saw Seth Rogen sporting it in Funny People and had to track it down.