Review: Resistance: Burning Skies


As someone who is on the run most of the time, the PS Vita has been an essential component, the life blood, of my gaming lifestyle for quite a while now. However, one thing was missing. A first-person shooter. Resistance: Burning Skies aims to change that.

There is something that makes me very excited when I think of handhelds finally reaching the technological age where we can talk about a FPS on a handheld and not describe it using terms like “watered down” or “glitchy nightmare”. The PS Vita, as we have said multiple times on this site, is one of the first portable devices able to play current gen games without having to worry about hardware limitations.

Turns out pepper spray is not very effective against aliens

Now, that’s a lot of weight to throw on a new Vita title. Resistance: Burning Skies is the first shooter for the little beast that capitalises on its potential even though most Vita owners will probably buy it simply because there is nothing else to play. I decided to take a look and see what this baby had to offer.

Shiny skin

As far as visual presence goes this game has done an amazing job. Textures, models and weapons all look and feel just like they came straight out of its PS3 older brother. It does tend to feel a little bit like a corridor shooter at times however the speed and cut scene work keeps you engrossed, even if they are strangely under rendered and glitchy. Story is a whole lot of a nothing and the voice acting is only bearable at best.

Music to the ears

Sound deserves a a lot of credit. The experience with headphones is super engaging. Guns sound powerful, explosions hit with impact and the use of echo and distance works a treat. The soundtrack is bland but has the standard blockbuster overtones you expect from this kind of game. Think Hans Zimmer working with an iPad.

Finger on the trigger

Playing a handheld with the same skill and precision as on a console was smile inducing. Finally, the experience and immersion of a shooter anywhere. The game feels both quick and intuitive for the most part. There are some small annoyances to deal such as switching from controls to touch, with weapons and grenades operated via touch controls, can often leave you a little disorientated.

Friends not included

Multiplayer is a lot more solid than I thought it would be. Classic Deathmatch is only a part of what you are given and my experience so far has always dropped me in active servers filled with players. There is nothing really all that new here with modes all variations of ones you have already played and most are quite short and bite-sized.


For the price attached this game delivers and then some. The package has its flaws and gives only as much story line as it has to pull you through. However, the gameplay is solid and at its weakest it is still one of the best handheld experiences on the market. The PS Vita is beginning to show off its wow factor and if it can continue to deliver this level of quality then it has a good chance at a long life.


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