Weekend Discussion: Worst sequel fails


As a rule franchises should try to at least better themselves as they rise up the number rankings. Usually by the third incarnation of a title the formula has been perfected and all that’s needed is polish. However, every now and then a sequel comes out that’s just a giant waste of time with little to no connection to the previous titles losing even their most fervent fans. Lets discuss the worst offenders.

For me one of the worst offenders was Driv3r. The Driver series has had its ups and downs but Driv3r almost put the series to death. Though it may not look it, the game actually had half decent graphics. The problem was everything else. Clunky controls, glitching, screen tearing and terrible performances were just some of the disturbing problems of this game. The biggest disappointment was that on top of all the other problems it also didn’t offer anything new we hadn’t seen in another game. With no advancements or unique features it felt like GTA light with none of the fun. Mega fail.

So guys, you’re up. What sequels do you feel jumped the shark?

Chuck your thoughts below and lets start a discussion!

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