Weekend Discussion: Worst control systems


Here at rawDLC we believe games are a sum of all their parts. Though graphics, gameplay, music and story are all very important one aspect often over looked are controls. How many times has a bad control system taken a relatively enjoyable experience and turned you into an angry green raging monster?  Lets talk about some of the worst offenders.

Ok, so the bottle goes with the spray can? Or was it with tabasco sauce?

I’ve been waiting a while to get this one off my chest. Alone in the Dark (Xbox 360) is one of the most broken and frustrating control systems of all time. I just gave up. It had an interesting story, great graphics but when you got out of a cut scene it became a total nightmare. Using the right stick to swing items meant fighting enemies was like trying to paint during an epileptic fit. You would get into a fight, pick up a chair, swing, miss and get brutalized.

Now damaged and disorientated you attempt to open your jacket (your inventory) and try to quickly sift through your items for something to use. But wait, if you haven’t concocted some concoction in advance you’ll have to combine items to get what you need, all while the game is still running in real time! Alone in the Dark is a benchmark in how to not design an effective control scheme, and that’s discounting the terrible driving mechanics.

Worst… controls… ever.

So gang, your turn. What game controls have driven you up the wall?

Chuck a comment below and bring on the discussion!

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