Weekend Discussion: What do you think of Diablo III?


With the world in a frenzy and over 6.3 million users and rising, it’s hard to make a move without stumbling across someone chatting about Diablo III. By now most hardcore players are slugging it out on Nightmare difficulty hoarding loot by the wagon load and selling it off at the Auction House banking some serious cash. Everyone has their favourite classes and skills. What are yours?


Let me start by saying I am absolutely loving the game. In my first thoughts (which you can find here) I vocalized my concern on its longevity and after completing my first play through it is gratifying to see that Nightmare difficulty gives Diablo III substantially more life. The more you play, the more addictive it becomes. I have cleared out certain sections over ten times and I have yet to feel bored or over them. Nightmare difficulty opens up tougher baddies and more epic loot. Be warned though, this will test even the most experienced players.

The Auction House is another painfully addictive aspect to the game. Weapons can earn you a cool  couple of thousand gold with little to no effort and on the buying side I have snatched up gems for as little as five hundred gold, not to mention dyes and arour and a whole lot more – all at very reasonable prices.

Combat is surprisingly still fresh. The depth of combinations and moves coupled with the use of special items allows the player to tailor their fighting style down to the nth degree. I have my monk dealing incredible damage all with a miniscule health bar. Throw in the handy teleport manoeuvre and enemies barely even get a hit in. If that wasn’t enough the extra health and damage buffs make the monk a great all-around team player.

Well, enough about my character… what are your thoughts?

Loving it? Hating it? Haven’t even played it yet (the horror)?

Tell us what you think and lets start the discussion!


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  • Moopidoo

    I’ve only just entered Act IV, so far I’m loving it. My wizard melts faces and gets life on hit, so electrocuting 6 enemies at the same times pretty much lets me tank anything.

  • The Chad

    My main is a Demon Hunter, he is in Act 1 of nightmare. I also have a Barbarian I am play through with a friend, a monk and a witch doctor I am trying out. I haven’t played any game but Diablo 3 since it was released.

    I would say that I have sold my soul to Blizzard with this game, but that already happened in the 90s with the original.

  • Northy179

    Having played both Diablo 1 and 2 through all available difficulties and absolutely loving the diablo experience, I had very high expectations for Diablo 3. 

    So far (wizard is in act 3 of nightmare) I am really loving what they have done, there are a few things which i’m less than fond of but for the most part its really good. The cinematics are really impressive however I must say I liked the style of them in Diablo 2 better. 

    The one thing that disappointed me is the lead up to fighting Diablo is rather short, they seem to bring him back only to have him killed off straight away… gameplay is good, coop works well, can’t wait for them to sort out the server issues.

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah the server thing is a huge issue right now. People are understandably a little unhappy about being blocked from single player games, are you happy with it so far? I gotta say I am yet to be blocked for longer than a minute… So I can’t say I have had any problems

  • DoGM3At

    Do you have Archon yet? That move is fucking crazy!

  • Moopidoo

    I was going to say no, but I checked just in case. Turns out I do!


  • Northy179

    ok, there are a few pros and cons with Diablo moving to a completely online game even when playing on your own:

    * Any of your friends can jump in to your game or you can jump in to theirs at any time, its a purely social experience which is great.
    * Hacking and cheating is non-existent because everything happens server side
    * auction house

    * Server maintenance means in aus time we loose a night of gaming, i’m hoping its not a weekly event like it is on wow though
    * Disconnections suck
    * Lag can ruin singleplayer experiences, you can be clearly out of attack range and still get smashed, this is ok if you are a barby or monk but for glass cannons this can mean life or death in nightmare or higher.
    * I can’t play this on a plane, thats horrible, D2 was always my “go to” game for flights or other long trips

    I understand their reasons but i’d like it if there was the option of an offline mode, even if it was more limited and needed you to authenticate with battle net every 10 logins or something silly to confirm you are a legit paying customer. 

    There would be big benefits in an offline mode for people wanting to do ‘Hardcore’ as lag in hardcore can ruin your whole day plus I don’t really want people to be able to join my game.

  • DoGM3At

    Legit points dude. Its weird that so many are suffering on the online side of things. There are some interesting points to raise about fully online gaming. We will be chatting about it on this weeks show!