Show: Max Payne 3 video review


It has been quite a some time between drinks for Max Payne fans. Moving in a different direction with Rockstar Games and lead scribe Dan Houser at the helm signals a rebirth of sorts with a grittier, darker edge and with the signature bullet-time still at the forefront. Dosed up on painkillers the lads from rawDLC are shoot-dodging their way through Sao Paulo leaving a swath of bodies in their wake.

No ticket!

The dynamic duo unashamedly give Max Payne 3 a hearty reach-around as the lovefest with the franchise begins anew. Both agree that this is Rockstar Games’ finest offering in recent memory and one hell of a game.

To get the pure unadulterated awesome just click on the embedded video below!

You've got something on your face man. Ahem. Excuse me. IN your face.

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