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When I found out that my favourite multiplayer title Warhawk had a spiritual successor in the mix I was both excited and scared shitless. The formula and balancing that made Warhawk a success would be hard to replicate, not to mention it showcased the best goddamned flight mechanics around. Starhawk has charted a different flight path with a smooth approach and picture perfect landing.

The country rejoiced as Starhawk solved Australia's housing crisis

Adding in a solid element of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defense, Starhawk is a surprisingly robust package and I’m looking incredibly forward to spending the next several months balls deep in its multiplayer.

“You’ve got all the usual bells and whistles; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zones, Capture the Flag, but the battlefield is always changing keeping the action hard, fast and fresh. Three or four players working in tandem can have an incredible effect and almost instantly change the momentum of a game. During a game of Capture the Flag myself and two other miners jumped in a buggy and headed towards the Outcast base. We each had a full compliment of Rift Energy and in the space of twenty seconds we managed to set up an instant command centre consisting of an energy barrier, spawn beacon, Hawk launch pad, supply bunker and beam laser turret within a stone’s throw of the flag and changed the course of the round in an instant, and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Would you like to know more? Then take flight over to AusGamers for my full review here.

Fuck Macross!

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