Review: Prototype 2


I’ve made it no secret that I was never a huge fan of the original Prototype. Something about it just didn’t grab me. Three years later the story still elicits the most ‘meh’ of responses but something about the gameplay just clicked and I found it hard to put down. While it doesn’t offer much beyond a single playthrough it’s still worth a look for fans of collateral damage in the most extreme sense.

Who wants some?

If you can look beyond the one dimensional lead you’ll have barrels of fun in Prototype 2.

“If I’m glossing over the plot it’s because it really is of no consequence and a little disappointing, especially considering the massive Heller versus Mercer build up in the trailers. Prototype 2 is just a massive sandbox that is just waiting to be destroyed at your pleasure as you jump, glide, punch, pummel, shoot, smash, infiltrate, absorb and consume any entity with a pulse that you can, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I found myself almost avoiding the main missions and spending the majority of my time grabbing upgrades, triggering side missions and wreaking as much havoc as (in)humanly possible and had one hell of a time while I was at it.”

Would you like to know more? Then get viral and head on over to AusGamers for my full review found here.

Sit Ubu, sit... good dog

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