Review: Ghost Recon Future Soldier


Having never sampled a Ghost Recon nor mired in Tom Clancy’s infiltration of the video games industry I approached this latest addition to the franchise, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, with open eyes and was more than pleasantly surprised by the package offered. Baring a few graphical and connectivity hiccups it was a hell of a romp with solid AI across the board.

Woo hoo Jester's dead!

I say pleasantly surprised as friendly AI is usually as dumb as dogshit, but Ubisoft amazingly added actual intelligence to the artificial component making both single or co-operative play viable options.

“If you are discovered or take a wrong turn down clusterfuck alley, your team is surprisingly adept at dealing with a more bloody solution. They will flank, actually take out hostiles and even race to revive you when prompted. It all handles remarkably well and any moments I was cursing my squad for their inabilities were extremely few and far between. All in all the single-player campaign was surprisingly satisfying, with any co-op buddies jumping in only adding to the enjoyment and not the other way around which is an incredibly refreshing change.”

Would you like to know more? Then infiltrate AuGamers and locate my review here.

Where do we get those wonderful toys?

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