Review: Datura


Every now and again a title gets released that changes your perception of what a video game should be. Those dudes over at thatgamecompany have got their finger on the pulse releasing the likes of Journey. Datura could have been another feather in Sony’s PSN cap but isn’t. While the premise had promise, the beyond flawed mechanics overshadowed any possibility of success.

Looks like you could use an extra hand - BAZINGA!

I’ve never come across such a fundamentally broken control scheme that obliterated any enjoyment that could have been gleaned from this thought provoking and trippy little arcade release.

“As you touch various objects and manipulate them you can explore them further with the hand breaking off sections, prying open doors, picking locks or merely making tactile contact with trees to increase your synergy with the environment and help fill out the blank notepad you’re using as a map. The controller vibrates with increasing intensity to let you know if you’re moving in the right direction.

These are all solid ideas, in theory, however, the execution is so shoddy and frustrating you’ll spend most of your time not wondering what you need to do but trying to work how to make the controls get you there. Switching to the SIXAXIS controller fares no better with neither option giving a decent sense of depth or manoeuvrability. It was a remarkable fail across the board.”

Would you like to know more? Let your fingers do the walking to my review for AusGamer’s found here.

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