Review: Battleship: The Video Game


It shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise that the Battleship video game cross over isn’t all that great. What is surprising, however, is that it’s not entirely shit either. It has some solid ideas, especially when giving a nod to the original game that inspired it. A touch of refinement could have made it a decent little battler. Instead it hovers in the middle of playable and forgettable.

Lets go to Hawaii, check out the islands, have a few laughs...

A hybrid of an FPS with some RTS elements, you command a fleet of ships skirting the battleground.

“You can use them to target specific ships and if you position them close enough to shore you can even use them as support for your land based sorties. You’ll be constantly switching between FPS and RTS modes with audio updates of the war waged on the high seas as you’re micromanaging each vessel. “Wildcards”, collectable buffs from downed alien foot soldiers, can be used to buff your fleet and enhance its abilities.

These range from increased firepower, to repairs, to greater radar range and you can even take direct control of their guns and blow them alien sonsobitches back to where they came from. This was a really nice touch and a more even balance between land and sea battles could have made Battleship a much more memorable experience than it was.”

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Don't fire until you see Brooklyn Decker's double Ds

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