Weekend Discussion: Ultimate gaming match-ups


Ever wanted to see some of your favourite videogame characters duke it out? Imagine, for a moment, there are no boundaries and you can choose anyone from any game ever made: any console, any time period, any franchise. What amazing match-ups do you want to see? Mario vs Sonic? Samus vs King Koopa? Think up your best match0ups and share your thoughts after the jump.

This could get messy!

As weird as it sounds, I want to see Adam Jensen (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) duke it out with Master Chief (Halo).

On one augmented hand, you have a man built with the best technology the future has to offer: I’m talking weapons, strength, speed and reflexes to the tune of  the best that money can buy. Then we pit that against the genetically perfect super solder: a being that can survive an orbital-drop face plant, destroy a cosmic death machine and fight back an entire race of bad guys! The fight promises big hits from both parties and will reap a whole lot of collateral damage. It would be a truly epic battle!

What are your thoughts? Care to place a bet?

Or perhaps you have your own idea. If so, what is it?

The comments section is just below. Chuck in your two cents and let’s start a discussion!

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