Weekend Discussion: Scariest moment in gaming


One of my favourite things about the blend between the film and gaming worlds has been the use of spooky cinematography. Fine examples of this are seen in the awesome horror influences in titles the likes of F.E.A.R., Condemned and, of course, Dead Space. This weekend I thought I’d take a look back and remember some of the best scares I’ve had from games.

Bum fight!

The game that gives me the most scares is still Condemned and although it has dated the environments and hand-to-hand combat still get me uptight, even on my eighth play through.

One scene stands out above all others though – the mannequin shuffle in the abandoned shopping mall.

While exploring you’re quick to realize the mannequins are not to be trusted. Sometimes, while your back is turned, disguised junkies will spring out and clobber you into a big pulpy mess. Naturally when you enter a room with eight dolls standing side by side you expect the worst. After a quick glance you notice none are enemies and move on. However, as you round the next corner your head explodes with questions as the same eight statues now stand in front of you yet again. As fear rises and you turn to run all eight have moved and now block your path out. You are trapped.

An awesome moment in an awesome game.

Remember it? Got something better? Throw a comment below and lets start a discussion.

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  • The Chad

    Not realising just how creepy Amnesia: The Dark Descent was going to be.

    Hearing a foreign noise for the first time, hide in a corner for what seems like a lifetime. Too afraid to press on. You choose to press on despite how batshit terrified you are of what’s coming next. Rinse and repeat throughout the entire game.

    I hadn’t been this terrified (but very excited) over a game since my first time through Doom 3.