Weekend Discussion: Films that need game adaptions


As CGI gets more impressive and the geek generations begin to take over the world, more and more films come out where I would love to see a game adaption. Forget the campy trash we have seen made and let’s pretend for a moment that you have the right amount of money and the perfect dev team. What would you adapt from classic film (or not-so-classic film) to awesome videogame?


Personally, I have always thought a Friday the 13th game would be awesome.

Imagine a game where you had an enemy in a camp that is smart enough to stalk you till you’re alone and take you out one at a time. The game could be played online with one player as Jason and the rest as camp counsellors. Jason has to kill the other players stealthily and hide the bodies. If Jason is seen, a time limit appears, and the other players have to escape the camp. Until then, camp counsellors must preform mini-games at different areas of the camp, whereby players will be given jobs in different locations to allow for alone time, and tasks will take longer if you try to do them too quickly. Jason is deadly, but counsellors have a limited ability to fight back if they see Jason in time, and both parties can make use of camp equipment as weapons. Points are awarded to Jason for kills and to counsellors for time survived and mini-games completed.

What do you think? Would you play it? Throw in your comments or toss up your own suggestion of a film that needs a game adaptation.

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  • Christophermoore172

    I would like someone to create a movie to the 7 hour war from the half life universe. If done correctly I think it could become a cool alien invasion movie. Hardly enough is said on the 7 hour war in the game and I think a movie would be pretty cool to explain it all.

    ~ Popshot