Review: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City


The Resident Evil franchise has elicited nothing but yawn inducing responses over its past few iterations. The 3DS only Resident Evil Revelations was a step in the right direction and I was hoping for more of the same from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City with its four-player co-op and updated mechanics allowing you to move and shoot at the same time. Sadly the yawnfest continues.

Cool pose Hansel

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a spotty mess across the board.

“Visually this is a very ordinary looking game with little wow factor and extremely samey enemy types. There is occasional screen tearing, plus teleporting enemies but these are the least of your worries. Your squad mates (who you can pick for each episodic mission) seem to lean towards the other definition of “Special” Forces doing very little damage to the infected, shooting in almost every direction other than where you want them to and constantly running into your line of fire, both getting in your way, saving your adversaries from death and helping you waste your ammunition.”

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Zombie and cop kevlar? WINNING!

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