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Certain games don’t age well. For some titles it’s a matter of controls or mechanics, where advancements in technology change what used to be mildly annoying into pure rage. For others it’s graphics with blocky square hands and single polygon faces leave too much to the imagination. So the question becomes, how do you bring this experience back with the same impact?

A face only a mother could love

The answer lies in mobile and handheld consoles.

Max Payne is one of those fantastic titles that needs to be brought back. The story line is gritty and well written. The dialog and presentation are top notch. The graphics, however, have just become a little bland for my big 27″ monitor. Thankfully Rockstar Games has released Max Payne Mobile, bringing awesome bullet time action to phones and tablets. The game looks and feels just like the original. Nothing has been removed. The story is still told with the same great narrative and comic style cut scenes. The levels are all untouched. Locations look and feel the same with the smaller screen allowing the game to feel more playable and less dated. New players will be drawn in immediately and those revisiting it will find everything they loved the first time around.

Players who struggle with the touch controls will be glad to hear you can completely customize the button locations giving you absolute control over your experience. After a few levels you will find your rhythm and then after some practice you’ll be “John Woo-ing” your way through whole buildings of bad guys. Bullet time still holds up as the game’s big selling point. Players can jump and slide their way into a gun battle leaving a wake of corpses fit for a noughties action flick and the combat remains rewarding throughout the game.

Max Payne Mobile is amazing. From crazy trip out scenes to hardcore gun battles it has something for almost any type of gamer. Rockstar Games has outdone itself bringing this title back. Available for $4.99 makes it a must buy. The experience is unbeatable and the price is amazing. Don’t miss this one!


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