Review: Get some FPS handheld awesomeness with Unit 13

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It is with a great deal of sadness that I post this review. I’ve been a huge fan of underdog developers, like Zipper Interactive, and it brings a manly tear to my eye that they bit the dust. The disbanded developer of the hugely under appreciated MAG and now Unit 13 never seemed to get a moment in the sun to shine and I was genuinely looking forward to what it would come up with next.

Man, that guy really has zero tolerance for computer screens

I really dug Zipper Interactive’s slightly flawed take on the handheld FPS.

“Though not without a smattering of problems with a few cover issues, inconsistent AI, character responses a little stiff at times and borderline retarded grenade mechanics, Unit 13 is a rock solid first-person shooter on a handheld. The controls work and feel much like a traditional console shooter with sensible non-gimmicky utilisation of the touch screen that doesn’t impinge the experience. The co-operative features are silky smooth with great voice chat and not a hint of lag and the inclusion of Daily Challenges keeps the content fresh and constantly evolving. It may not be perfect, but goddamn it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

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