Review: American Pie: Reunion


After the less than stellar run the series has had in recent memory you could be forgiven for not being majorly psyched for American Pie: Reunion. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. Five minutes in I was laughing my balls off. Twenty minutes later I was wiping tears away and shaking my head in disbelief. This latest slice of pie is just as tasty as the first, perhaps even more so.

Stifler and Jim's Dad? It's a perfectly natural normal thing

This is the sequel fans have been waiting for and a great way to round out the franchise.

“The old school chemistry between Jim, now superstar sportscaster Oz (Klein), house husband Kevin (Nicholas), misfit Finch (Thomas) and holding on to the glory days Stifler (Scott) still works with each of the crew slipping into their roles like a comfy old pair of shoes. Jim still manages to get himself into all manner of awkward situations, Oz is still looking for love, Kevin is still trying to find his place in life, Finch is still cultivating the man of mystery persona and Stifler is, well, Stifler. With the focus squarely on the five friends hilarity ensues with some priceless moments, as always, coming from Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad. It hits all the right notes and surprisingly is almost as funny as the original film.”

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You know where that goes, right?

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