Preview: Sleeping Dogs


Hong Kong cinema has always had a special spot in my heart. The concept has a lot in common with gaming: nigh-unlimited ammo, long sections of fighting and epic stunts. All these things leave me asking why we don’t use it as a base for gaming more often. Thankfully, the guys at Namco Bandai agree, and invited us to some hands on with this new sandbox game. The results may indeed be explosive!

Spinning kick of doom

I had a blast playing Sleeping Dogs and can’t wait for the full version to hit in September.

“A door opens at the far end of the warehouse and another wave of thugs enters, this time armed to the teeth. Wei peers through the gunfire; Johnny Ratface is running for the safety of his vehicle. The martial arts time is over, now for some epic Hong Kong cinematic action. Taking advantage of a break in fire, Wei leaps from cover and time slows as he pulls the trigger. Six perfectly placed bullets later, Wei launches himself onto a nearby bike and guns the engine as his victims hit the ground around him. Johnny is still visible in the distance, his car rounds a corner. Time to play catch up.

As Wei guns through traffic, more bullets fly overhead. Backup is here. A small tap on the brakes puts their cars in front of him, while a few bullets to the tires sends one crashing into a nearby wall. The other vehicle flies through the air, barely missing Wei as it hurtles overhead. Johnny’s car is now directly in front, Wei stands on top on the bike and leaps onto the roof of the vehicle. One quick slide and he enters the window, taking the wheel and putting Johnny out of action.”

Read the rest over at Player Attack here.

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