News: Atomic Nachos


As much as I’d love to say that I was exposed to radiation while overseas and have come back a superhero version of myself, alas, I am still very much regular me: just plain awesome. But did you know that I’m responsible for PC-related news and mini-features on Atomic? Not just sporadically, either: I’m there every freakin’ (Mon-Fri)day! Make the jump for a taste of regular 1337 content.

From left to right: Editor Extraoirdinaire, Atomic, Nachos

Of late, I’ve bitched about EA’s decision to include purchasable unlock codes for Battlefield 3, put my foot down over lazy developers that believe it’s okay to not design controls properly for PC games and provided three proven ways to revive dormant franchises.

And that’s just on the mini-features front.

There’s also all this recent news here, too. (You’d best believe that all four of those words are separate links!)

Be sure to regularly visit the Atomic website (and pick up the mag for my regular Engine Room section) to read more from me.

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