Weekend Opinion: When good ideas go bad


Sometimes in the gaming world, developers come up with great ideas that seem beyond failure. Sometimes it’s the right voice actors, good humour or simply a great development team. Whatever it is, it makes the game all the more tragic when these ideas fail miserably. It’s time to honour the mishaps of the industry. What games do you know that seemed like they should have been better?

Dont shoot, I'm just here for the purposes of parody!

My pick is Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. For those that missed this one, I don’t blame you. The game was a tragic mess, but it was built on a fantastic idea, combining some really smart writing that played on the idea of a world famous gaming icon that has fallen from grace as he tries to reboot his career. Add to this the voice talent of Will Arnett (Arrested Development) and Neil Patrick Harris (Everything), then coat it with a rich amount of  industry parody and in-jokes, and Eat Lead should have been amazing. Sadly, game glitches and repetitive gameplay made this a painful experience.

Okay guys, your turn. What game idea had you excited and then turned out to be a horrible mess?

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  • DoGM3At

    Also, Bomberman Act Zero. The idea of redesigning Bomberman with a new style and graphics was amazing… Pity it ended up being a pile of trash.

  • Blackwater

    Red Dead Redemption.

    I got all excited and was watching Deadwood and Tombstone in the lead up… that might explain why I was so dissapointed.

    PROTIP: Cowboys are badass, they are not softcocks like whats-his-face from RDR