Weekend Opinion: Top 5 videogame sidekicks


Heroes always need sidekicks. In comics and buddy-cop shows, a wisecracking friend can be essential in bringing life to a potentially dull and uninteresting journey without humour. Sadly, they rarely get time to shine as history remembers the victor and forgets the rest. Well, here at rawDLC we think it is time to remember the little guys. Name your top five sidekicks.

Could you trust this face?

5) Dom – Gears of War
Though not as much fun as some of the other sidekicks on my list, Dom is a major part of the Gears franchise and gives a well needed dose of oneliners that Marcus is incapable of making on his own.


4) Marcus – Fallout 2
For those that haven’t done the earlier Fallout games, Marcus is a giant super-mutant town sheriff when you first meet him. Tough, good in a fight and full of insight, Marcus quickly became one of my main sidekicks and always had something candid to add to the situation.


3) Daxter – Jak and Daxter
Ahh, Daxter. The sleazy, loud-mouthed ottsel (half otter, half weazel). Daxter made a great buddy to the Jak and Daxter games and got his own spin off on PSP, as well. Angry, bitter and loyal, Daxter has been a solid part of Sony’s lineup for years and brings a smile to the face of anyone who has played this series. I love that furball.


2) Pey’j – Beyond Good and Evil
Pey’j is one of the rare cases where I get emotional about a sidekick. Pey’j is an interesting, well developed character that forms a bond with you as a player through Jade, the game’s main character. The further you get through this game, the more Pey’j grows on you.


1) Sully – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
In my opinion, Sully is one of the greatest sidekicks ever created. Naughty Dog has gone all out to give Sully depth and a connection to the main character that few games have pulled off. Sully is older and frailer than Nate so, when physical limitations kick in, you are truly worried about him. That, and he is hilarious!


Okay, your turn. Click in the comments field below and tell us who your favourite sidekicks are!


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  • Snake

    1) Garza from KZ2
    2) capt Price from COD4 even through you were more his sidekick as Soap but he’s the NPC
    3) Dogmeat from the fallout series
    4) octagon from MGS4
    5 )dusty from medal of honor

  • Moopidoo

    You can’t be called Snake and get the name “Otacon” incorrect. :P

  • Snake

    Lol I didn’t even noticed that. Bloody iPhone autocorrect