Weekend Opinion: The top of the guilt pile

2012-03-22 23.38.04

Serious gamers have a problem with commitment. We wait excitedly, checking the web for info on an upcoming game, watch trailers, get the game on day one… and then we play half of it and something else comes out. As my guilt pile of games grows, I often look at it and say, “I totally have to go back and finish that!” If you are the same, you’ll have to let me know which game you want to finish most.


My pick is Dragon Age: Origins. Sure, there is now a sequel, and by this time I get around to it I am sure there will be a third game in the series. However, something in that game speaks to the old-school RPG fanboy within me. The game has a great story, good characters and really immersed me in its world. My only problem was that a few other games popped up shortly after its release, and by the time I got back to it the entire story had been washed out of my memory. I WILL come back to it… someday.

What is that one shelved game that you keep promising yourself you’ll go back to?

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  • The Chad

    I was the same with DA: Origins, except I actually did get back to it. I am very much the same every time I play an Assassin’s Creed game, but currently I have been unintentionally neglecting Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

  • Moopidoo

    Dark Souls.

  • PSIress

    Probably skyrim for me, I got it day one and had intentions of waiting a little till the first patches came out before starting. Well that was nearly five months ago now, and lately I have been distracted with revisting classics from the old days instead (hd remakes).

  • Bagmup

    Deus Ex – Human Revolution, about halfway through then some other shiny new game distracted me..

  • Moopidoo

    I don’t know how to do combat, since I’ve been stealthing and not killing anyone the entire game. So I’m stuck against that first female boss who kills me in 2 hits.