Weekend Opinion: Favourite handheld experience

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With the recent launch of the PS Vita, it makes sense to talk about handheld gaming for this week’s Weekend Opinion. Whether it’s a smartphone, PSP, DS or your old Game Boy Color, most of us have played a handheld game that just ate up time. From Angry Birds to Pokémon, we have all been obsessed over something portable. So, what’s your addiction?

4 on 1... I still don't like your odds

No surprise for rawDLC fans, my pick is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (yes, that is its full name). This game was with me every day for a whole year and I clocked in well over 250 hours on a single save.  Its addictive world and challenging gameplay meant there was always something to do; also, the four-player aspect had me and a group of friends glued to the couch, sometimes for entire nights at a time.

Okay gang, your turn. What’s your favourite handheld experience of all time?

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  • kozeeii

    Daxter on PSP is one of my all time favourites

  • NachosJustice

    Donkey Kong Country on the Game Boy. That was the first game I 100%’d.

  • Moopidoo

    My penis.

    As a serious answer, I’d have to say Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on my PSP. I know it’s a PS1 title, but to me it counts. My first handheld was a PSP.

  • The Chad

    Over 200 hours spent on Monster Hunter Freedom 2 would be my number 1 portable experience.

    A close second would be getting just over 2000 lines cleared in Tetris on an old phone..